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..::: DIKANDA ONLINE :::..

Okay, maaaaybe just one quick thing more. ^_^  THIS is the incredible music from the video, which I just -had- to track down. ^_^  The group is called “Dikanda,” and upon hearing (even more) of their stuff, I of course just -had- to share. ;D  (I mean, is this perfect bellydancing music or WAT?? XD)  Mehopes you like, and blessed be!

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I’ve gotta run to keep getting ready for FaerieWorlds this weekend, but before I go, I didn’t want to leave you w/nothing.  So here’s something I hope you’ll enjoy, that’ll tide you over for the next couple of days. :)  It’s a beautiful skirt routine, and it’s done to some truly lovely music. ^_^  (And thankfully, the actual YT page has a link to the music used, so.. YOINK!  More music to buy- or, rather, add to my wish list! ^_^)

I hope you enjoy this little piece, and that y’all have a beautiful, beautiful weekend.  See you soon on the other side! :D  (And hopefully, I’ll see some of you at FW, both in and out of the tank! ^_^)

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How’s about a little Cabaret goodness to put a shimmy in your Saturday night..? :D  

Plus, I like her costume. ^_^  (Would you call that “nude” or “light pink” or “golden..?”)  Either way, I love how it kinda blends into her skin tone.  Very artful use of a “nude-ish look” there, with great little bits of shine & beading & embellishments in other hues. ^_^

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Guess what today is..?  It’s FRIDAY!!!  And, y’all know what that means, right..?  Time for more awesome, geeky bellydance! XD

Today’s two geeky bellydance features are both brought to you by the letters “S” and “W.”  (So for those of you who’re Star Wars fans, you’re in for a treat. ;))  I dig this piece because not only does it offer up more adorable Leia goodness, but it features one of my favorite songs within the whole SW genre- the Ewoks’ victory song!  -And it’s play by an equally adorable live band! ^_^  SWGeekSquee! ^_^

When I was 6 or 7, I got to actually see the original version of this in theatres, and I was -so- enthralled that even though my throat randomly closed up toward the end and I inexplicably stopped breathing, I stuck it out, sobbing through tears of terror and all, just to see the ending. *lol*  I kept running back to my mom frantic and clawing at my throat to tell her I couldn’t breathe, but every time she asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, I’d shake my head “no” and stumble my way back to my seat. *shakes head, laughing hat her childSelf*  And thankfully, I not only survived, but I positively ADORED the ending- from Ewoks to music to actors hugging and all. :)  So.. while the wait might have been terrifying, getting to see the end of “Return of the Jedi” was toootally worth it. ;)  

-And that’s why this tune will always have a special place in my heart. :)  (As will the ambulance ride and hospital visit that came immediately after. ;)  -Hooraaaay for air masks w/yellow pee-looking stuff in them- w/their anomalous li’l black floaty bits! *lol*)  
..Besides, who doesn’t love the Ewoks?? ^_^

How about you..?  Do you have a fave SW memory..?  Did you get to see any of the films in theatres..?  Or do you have any dance performances w/a SW bent..?  If so, drop me a line!  I wanna hear from you. ^_^

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fergusdrake asked: Congratulations on getting your tail! Can't wait to see what you plan to do now. oUo <3

Thanks!  I can’t wait to incorporate bellydance into my performance as a mermaid- and vice-versa! :D  The water’s such a great place to improve fluidity of movement (literally, try doing snake arms in the water- it really helps w/smoothing things ^_^), and it’s SUCH an inspiring element for me.. just being near the water makes me wanna sing and dance and endlessly revel in it, all at one time. ^_^   And yet, it’s such a place of wonder, bliss, and peace.. for me, it’s like Coming Home.  Always has been.)  So.. I super adore the idea of combining these two worlds- bellydance and mermaid-ism.  *lol* (Is that a word..?)

Down the road there will -of course- be more dance numbers (refining old performances/concepts, as well as inventing new ones), and maybe even more complete stage pieces w/mer-inspired themes. :)  But eventually I’d also like to create underwater bellydance numbers- for me, and group performances. ^_^  

But for right now, I’m working on melding bellydance costumery and aesthetics w/the first actual SWIMMING mermaid event I’ll be blessed to participate in. ^_^  I’ve got my revamped cowrie bra and belt set in the works (hooray for cowrie shells in a costume finally making sense! ;D), plus another bra top and various accessories are in the works, solely inspired by next weekend.  (…EEEP- NEXT WEEKEND?!  it’s coming up SOO FAST!).  The catch for me is making stuff that’s also swimmable.  There’s a biiig difference between something working on land and something that’ll work under prolonged exposure to water- and chlorine, and long falls of hair, and things like netting.. as well as flips and other dramatic kinds of movement you may not always be able to facilitate on land.  So all that is a consideration- and it can be pretty daunting!

Thankfully however, the mer-aesthetic can go pretty well w/bellydance costuming- especially if you think outside the fish-pen, so it’s kinda fun to see how you can multi-task pieces. :)  (Like turning fish netting into a tummy cover, or making a bra that’s just as good on land as it is in the water. ^_^)  Plus from all the experienced mers I’ve talked to and forums I’ve researched, it seems like hot glue and E-6000 are still the top fixatives for making things stick to fabric, wet or dry, so that’s a huge blessing too.  (A; because I have both already, but b; because I’m not the biggest sewer, and I’m glad I don’t have to use MEGA industrial stuff, like dual-cartridge epoxies, etc.)  

And I cannot -tell- you how excited I am about being able to integrate my dance skillz and all this fun costumery into my first mermaid performance evar; which will be @ Una’s Fanta-Sea Cove at Faerieworlds. ^_^  It’s an opportunity where I’ll get to sing, swim, be a mermaid AND a bellydancer, (both in and out of the water), and w/being able to have my tail and see Omnia (also for the first time, after long, loooong delays).. it will be a many-fold dream come true. ^_^  

I may not have tons of swag like I know some of other mers will, but that’s okay.  I -know- the weekend is gonna be magical, and full of opportunity, and love, and joy, and great music, and wonder.. and I can’t wait! *bounce bounce*