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Techno Tip For the VI Bellydancer When Web Shopping


Btw, that listing from MoonDance reminded me of something, so I figgered I’d pass it on, in case some didn’t know it already:  

One of the things I love about Chrome (the web browser, for those who’re not too tech-savvy), is that it can let you download almost any image- unless it’s suuuper embedded into a page.  (Of course, there’re ways of getting around those too at times, but for those who’d need help w/this, those techniques would be WAY over the head, so we’re not gonna worry about them now. )  And of course no, I don’t recommend you use this feature to steal pics from the interwebz.  I’m an artist, I know how crappy that can be, so don’t do it.  But for those of us who don’t see well, this one little tip might help save some folks a little frustration- when shopping online.  

If you’re on a page like MoonDance Bellydance (or Amazon. or any one of the places that offer bellygoods but not always zoomable pics), where they may not offer an incredibly good zoom of their images (and you don’t feel like using ZoomText or upping your browser’s zoom or screen’s aspect ratio to DOOM levels), you might try this:  When using Chrome, click an image and hold down the button.  Then pull your cursor up to the address bar (up top, where you see the URL/web address of the page you’re on) and let go.  That -should- open up the image by itself for you, where you can proceed to right click and hit “Save As.”  (And when you’re done, you can just right click and go Back a page, since this ostensibly shouldn’t have opened up another tab in your browser.)  From there, you can just open that pic up in Windows Live Photo Gallery (or whatever image viewing software you use), and boom- you can then magnify it as much as you need. :)

Of course with some pages you can just right click and hit Save As from there, but I’ve found the drag-and-drop feature quite useful in a lot of places.  (Especially sites that don’t let you right-click, even if you’re not trying to steal a bloody thing- and just wanna hit your “Back” button. :P) Mind, image quality can be a factor here, since not all images look great when you magnify ‘em a ton.  But even if you can only zoom in to a point (before it gets all distorted and pixel-y), when you’re trying to see details on a garment, the cut of an item, intricate colors, or even the texture of a fabric, this can be a great little technique, so you always know what you’re getting (and, possibly missing.)  

For example, some might have a hard time seeing the difference between sequins and velvet tye-dying, when the images are small.  (Again, here’s where MDBD acts as a great example.)  Or, you can also use this tip to look more closely at the patterns & beadwork many fancy bedlahs offer- say on bellydancestore.com.  :)  Personally, I’ve found this trick can be especially helpful when shopping for things w/lots of coins and metalwork, or intricate jewel designs.  Not only am I a stickler for symmetry, but also lots of pieces offer different details, design and style options, and various Kuchi pieces can have all sorts of different colors in ‘em, so it’s nice to be able to see all that. :)  (Think Tribal bras, belts, etc.„ and lots of those flashy-dashy items on eBay. :))  

Or.. hmm.. let’s say you see a schmexy hip belt or a pair of blue n’ gold costume pants online; but until you zoom in big, ya may not realize that one has.. oh.. maybe lots of little rainbow threads in the embroidery around the waist that you hadn’t spotted.  Orrrr.. perhaps that beadwork has little jewels or enamel touches in various colors that just do not go w/your outfit.  Plus differences in metal styles, types, and general workmanship can also be seen better using this handy-dandy tip. :)  (Can you tell I use this often yet..? ;D)

Of course, this isn’t rocket science, and many of y’all may be going “well duuuuh..,” buuuut I hope it helps some folks out, nonetheless. :)  I just know that when it comes to web surfing for the visually impaired, certain sites aren’t always too fun (or easy) to navigate.  (Especially when you may or may not have all the tools available on the market, and even moreso when the site is poorly organized, or if you’re trying to buy something important or costly or hard to return.  -All of which belly garb can most certainly be- given its frequent manufacturing origins [far], intricacy [costly], etc..)  -And that holds true for -anybody.-  ..But if you’ve got low vision and say.. a tiny monitor, that can make things that much harder.

No matter WHAT your sight, your tools, your money or your know-how though, it’s hard to have confidence in making purchases online when you can’t seem to get a close enough look.  (So to all your webstore maintenance gurus out there, keep that in mind. ;))  I hope this li’l trick helps folks, annnnd I trust that y’all will be honorable w/this wee tidbit of info. :)   Happy shopping! ^_^

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